Price Matching

We'll beat product prices of online distributors.

We regularly review our pricing and adjust to be competitive with major dealers; we're confident we have the best prices. Have we missed something? Let us know and you may qualify for a 5% discount off the lowest distributor price.

What Qualifies? Your product may be eligible for price matching if it is:

Identical to the competitor's product.

The product must be a matching brand, model number and condition.

Immediately available at a qualifying online distributor.

This includes the manufacturer and manufacturer authorized USA distributors (see list below). This generally excludes international merchants and third party retailers. However, if the seller is located in the USA we may still consider price matching; please inquire.

Use our contact page to let us know.

Make sure to include your email address, the part number, and the name and web site of the competing distributor. Please send your inquiry no later than 7 days after purchase.

The price and stock status must be visible on the competitor's site.


We reserve the right to decline price matching in any circumstance we deem unfair or unusual. Examples include if there is an error on the competitor's web site, or if the item is discontinued and in high demand. Requests for price matching must either be made before purchase, or in no case later than 7 days after the order date.

Qualified Distributors:

The major manufacturer authorized distributors we compete with include,,,, and