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P62B-30100 - programmable DC power supply (Powerten), 30V 100A


Powerten model P62B-30100 DC power supply. New/Surplus. Variable output up to 30V 100A. Includes certificate of conformance and CD with product manual. To view a full specification sheet (PDF), click here.


  • Input Power:
    Voltage 200-240VAC
    Frequency 47-63Hz
    Single phase
  • Output Power:
    Continuously variable up to 30VDC 100A (3kW).
    Has 10-turn potentiometers to adjust voltage and current settings that are displayed simultaneously.
  • Regulation:
    Voltage: 0.1% of max. output voltage.
    Current: 0.2% of max. output current.
  • Transient Response:
    A 30% step load will recover to within 2% of original value within 10ms.
  • Stability:
    0.05% of set point 8 hours after 30 minute warm-up time at fixed line, load and temperature
  • Dimensions:
    3.5" H x 19" W x 18" D
  • Weight
    45 lbs. max

P62B-30100 - programmable DC power supply (Powerten), 30V 100A