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Sorensen DCR40-40B2 Programmable DC power supply, 40V 40A - New / Surplus


Sorensen model DCR40-40B2 M61 Programmable DC power supply, rated for up to 40VDC 40A, 1.6kW output. These are new / surplus power supplies - most remaining units have minor marks on the case due to prior handling and testing, predominantly on the bottom. They are otherwise shiny and new-looking. Each unit comes with an instruction manual, manufacturer's certificate of conformance, and optional foot pads still in a bag attached to the front. The DCR40-40B 2M61 model features dual panel meters, and automatic crossover between constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) modes.

This model provides voltages from 0-40 VDC and currents up to 40 ADC in any volt/amp combination within the rated output voltage and current limits. A PDF version of a DCR40-40B-2 manual is available on the manufacturer's web page at The front panel includes controls for coarse and fine adjustment of both output voltage and current limit. If you require control of the over-voltage protection (OVP) mechanism (a separate feature), please contact the manufacturer for information on how to adjust these units - the front panel OVP control is not included in this model.

Please note that although these units are within the manufacturer's warranty period, we do not know whether they will extend the warranty coverage to owners other than the original purchaser. Please contact the manufacturer with any questions. Because we have several of these in stock, the warranty dates on the stickers vary by a couple of months. These power supplies will be will be repackaged in a new box for full protection during shipment. See additional pictures below.

Manufacturer's Description:

Designed for either bench or rack use, the typical DCR-B2 power supply provides a highly regulated, precise DC output, adjustable over a wide range. It exhibits a rapid response to transients, both load and line.

DCR-B2 series supplies are a phase-controlled type with SCR's (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers) at the input to the transformer, followed by a passive Pi filter. This design allows for a wide range of output voltages, simplicity of design, and offers large amounts of regulated power at relatively high efficiencies compared to linear regulators.

  • Input Power:
    Voltage: 103-127VAC single phase (adjustable - contact Elgar for instructions)
    Frequency: 50/60Hz
    Current: Up to 26.8A
  • Voltage Mode:
    Regulation: 0.03% with load change (NL-to-FL or FL-to-NL) and a full line-voltage change combined.
    Drift (% V0 max): 0.1% typical, for 8 hours after 30-minute warmup with constant line, load, and ambient temperature.
    Transient Response:
    50ms (typical) to return to 1% band for a step load change 50%-100% or 100%-50% of full load. Below 60Hz, ripple and transient response characteristics will deteriorate by a factor of (60/F)2 where F is the input frequency.
  • Current Mode:
    Regulation: 0.25% with 0-95% compliance-voltage change and 10% line voltage change combined.
    Drift (% I0 max): 0.15% (typical).
  • Ripple:
    Constant Voltage (PARD) (mV rms) 90
    Constant Current (PARD) (mA rms) 90
  • Dimensions:
    7" (178 mm) H x 19" (483 mm) W x 20.9" (530 mm) D
  • Average Weight:
    105 lbs. ( 48 kg)

Sorensen DCR40-40B2 Programmable DC power supply, 40V 40A - New / Surplus