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30115480 - SCR/Thyristor Clamp (Iconopower)

Iconopower high precision CP series SCR/thyristor clamp 30115480. Rated at 4.5 kN. New/Surplus. To view a specification sheet for the Iconopower CP series clamps, click here (this part appears to be a custom model and is not listed). Dimensions:

Bars: 3-3/4 inches long, 1-inch wide. The 2 outside bars are 5/8 inch thick. Appears to be same as size CP2 clamp in spec sheet (except for lower clamp force).
Gap for SCR: Adjustable from 1-1/8 (screws fully tightened) to > 1-7/16 inch (when screw ends are flush with bottom of bar - can safely extend further than this - bar is 5/8 thick). Appears to be "Clamp Distance - Dimension" 'D' in spec sheet.
Max diameter of SCR: Approx 2-9/32 inches. Bolt spacing (center to center): 2-3/4 inches.
Weight: 1.9 lbs

30115480 - SCR/Thyristor Clamp (Iconopower)